Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials 2018 results

Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials 2018 results

Best Of The Best

Perjury - Randy Dorrell

High Point

Coon - Cobb Curs

1 dog

1st Trigger Code Red
2nd Redman Spencer & Ashlie Sims
3rd Legend Superior Kennels
4th Ace Troy Carroll
Split 5th Sam Flat Creek
Dirk Grant Thedford
7th Clyde Joy's Catahoulas
8th Crow Randy Dorrell
9th Bo Michael Batton
10th Roscoe John Little

2 dog

1st Coon & Buckwheat - Cobb Curs and Garrett Smith
2nd Jake & Max - Russ Bryant
3rd Bull & Chief - Wes Nelson and Code Red
4th Demon & Max Danny Tommie & Russ Bryant
5th Rooster & Chief Code Red
6th Moffitt's Jett & Kafish Air-A-Houla Pound
7th Red & Big Black - Tom Cordle and Superior Kennel
Split 8th Bella & Brighteyes Double D Kennels
Gus & Mo - Rafter J and Sparky
Coon & Rambo Cobb Curs and Triple R
- Cowboy & Legend - Michael Hanna and Superior Kennels

Old & Young

1st Coon & Cujo Cobb Curs and Flat Creek
2nd Clay & Goose Trent Garza and Randy Dorrell
3rd Sam & Cujo Flat Creek
4th Max & Will Dorrell Russ Bryant
Split 5th Rooster & Mister Code Red and Moore's Catahoulas
- Rambo & Dominator - Triple R and Circle B


1st Buddy Triple R
2nd Twerk Code Red
3rd Daisy 4C
4th Uno Randy Dorrell
Split 5th Ava John Smit
- Dominator - Circle B


1st Rebar Marley Bell
2nd Lil Joe Anna Hood
3rd Martha Braxton Colvin
4th Madea Clayton Koepp
5th Blondie Alexia Sexton
6th - Cat - Gracie Castaneda
7th - Rolo - Clayton Koepp
Split 8th - Rhyder - Laney Dickson
- Smitty - Becca Moore
Split 10th - Sky - Blake Robinson
- Shadow - Tessa Moore