Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials 2017 results

Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials 2017 results

Best Of The Best

Clyde - June Cantrell

High Point

Dunbar - Tabor Catahoulas

1 dog

1st Dirk Grant Thedford
2nd Bull Atomic Dog
3rd Tiger Tabor Catahoulas
4th Diesel John Little
5th Jewel Randy Dorrell
6th Clyde June Cantrell
7th Red Man Rafter J
8th German Air-a-houla Pound
9th Ten Ounce Dusty Knapp
10th Hank Taylor Made

2 dog

1st Trim & Dunbar - Dave & Phyllis Alexander and Tabor Catahoulas
2nd Tiger & Dunbar - Tabor Catahoulas
3rd Buckwheat & Legend - Garrett Smith and Will Seger
4th Clyde & Gumbeaux Triple Y Kennels & Kelly Mize
5th Moffitt's Jett & Katfish Air-a-houla Pound
6th Vegas & Coon Cobb Curs
7th Vegas & Buckwheat - Cobb Curs and Garrett Smith
8th Smokey & Perjury Randy Dorrell
9th Ranger & Critter - Ali York and Dickson Kennels
10th Trim & Cajun Dave & Phyllis Alexander and Moore Catahoulas

Old & Young

1st Plain & Hand Grenade Air-a-houla Pound
2nd Moffitt's Jett & Hand Grenade Air-a-houla Pound
3rd Van Zant & Big K's Amos Troy Carroll & TAB Kennels
4th Shasta & Black Bart Rimfire Kennel
5th Rambo & Roxy Triple R Kennel
6th - Shasta & Amos - Rimfire Kennel
7th - Gargamel & Big Black - Russ Bryant & Will Seger
8th - Jazzy & Geno- Moore Catahoulas
9th - EZ & Honey Blue - Skint Back Kennel
10th - Rock & Trixie - Air-a-houla Pound & Tabor Catahoulas


1st Gargamel Russ Bryant
2nd Hand Grenade Air-a-houla Pound
3rd Red Bull K&R Kennels
4th RoseBud Tuska Homma Kennels
5th Pip Squirk Code Red Kennels
6th Smoke Hunter Casteneda
7th Bear Josh Aswell
8th Rambo Triple R Kennels 9th Rock Air-a-houla Pound
10th Joker Mark Dibble


1st Lil Moe Gracie Castanada
6th - -
7th - -
8th - -
9th - -
10th - -