Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials 2016 results

Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials 2016 results

Best Of The Best

Legend - Will Seger

High Point

Legend - Will Seger

1 dog

1st Diesel John Little
2nd Legend Will Seger
3rd Jewel John Harrison
4th Hammer 4C Kennels
5th Axle K&R Kennels
6th Sunkist Matt Lee
7th Bo Michael Batton
8th Rusty Spencer & Ashley Sims
9th Aux Tom Cordle
10th Nick Jimmy Jones

2 dog

1st Cajun & Trixie - Moore's Catahoulas/Tabor Catahoulas
2nd Cajun & Critter - Moore's Catahoulas/Travis Dickson
3rd Black Jack & Deacon - Moffitt Catahoulas
4th Buckwheat & GT Garrett Smith/Jake Loaicano
5th Katfish & Tadpole Air-a-houla Pound
6th Irene and Buckshot Philip Dickerson
7th Josey & Smokey - Cobb Currs/Randy Dorrell
8th Bo & Coco Topisaw Catahoulas
9th Tank and Walker - Jamie Shirley
10th split Sadie & Rusty Scott Wheeler/Ashley Sims
10th split Django and Katy Taylor Made

Old & Young

1st Lil Joe & Trooper Triple R Kennels/Joey Barkley
2nd Hussle & Penny Chris Warren/K&R Kennels
3rd Cuenno & GT Tom Cordle/Jake Loiacano
4th Smokey & JR Steve Lester III
5th Waylon & Legend Phillip Dickerson/Will Seger
6th - Shorty & Earp - David Gilbert/Mark Dibble
7th - Ana Bell & Moffitt's Black Jag-wire - Castor Creek Kennels
8th - Shorty & Cowboy - David Gilbert/Marshal Melton
9th - Shadow & Nick - Bob Batton/Jimmy Jones
10th - Lil Joe & Brutus - Triple R Kennels


1st Lucky June Cantrell
2nd Tucker Stevie Don Morgan
3rd Boudreaux Wesley Nelson
4th Bright Eyes June Cantrell
5th Spice Rachel Atkins
6th Lil Joe Triple R Kennels
7th Ringer Triple R Kennels
8th Red Bud Renee Jackson 9th Savannah Jimmy Jones
10th Toots Steve Lester III


1st Geno G-Marion Lewis
2nd Lucky Kaden Ingram
3rd Susie Hunter Colvin
4th Bo Jayce Perkins
5th Lonzo Brexton Colvin
6th - Patches - Scruffy Turner
7th - Lottie - Hallie Ann Tannery
8th - Jock - Abby Muckelrath
9th - Jezebel - Shayne Walters
10th - Stem - Will Bracy


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