Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials 2011 results

Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials 2011 results

Best Of The Best

Rhino Trey Skains

High Point

Cajun Billy Moore

1 dog

1st Cajun Billy Moore
2nd Bocephus John Harrison
3rd Tank Shane Seals
4th Red Man Russ Bryant
5th Shiloh Triple R Kennels
6th Sue James Hilburn
7th Charlie Brown Bob Batton
8th Bear Pop Gohagen
9th Clyde Marty Moore
10th Gman Eric Andrade

2 dog

1st Blair & Moon Grant Thedford / Bob Batton
2nd Goliath & Broketail - Orval Bynog
3rd Rhino & Boss Man Trey & Reg Skains
4th Squeaky & Sadie Mae B&D Kennels / RCL Kennels
5th Moe & Diesel Reg & Rebecca Skains
6th Scar & Bert Teddy Tabor
7th Money & Molly Triple R Kennels
8th Hershey & Boss Hog - Orval Bynog
9th Jewel & Strike - Wendell Mosely
10th Hosea & Shiloh Jr Bradford / Triple R Kennels

Old & Young

1st Black Jack & Fuzzy CBK Kennels / Marty Moore
2nd Memphis Queen & Mable Camp-A-While Catahoulas / Beau Parkerson
3rd Curly & Cain Moore Catahoulas


1st Gator Steve Lester
2nd Smitty Jeff Tabor
3rd Kelly Triple R Kennels


1st Harley - Brooklynn Parkerson
2nd Pepper Orval Bynog Jr
3rd Smiley Craig Griffen
4th Q Wade Jones
5th Fart Butt Logan Whipple